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The legends of Golantro started with the Golantro Wars.  The planet was razed to the ground by selfish humans following Storvath The Dark, who was a jealous Warlock that wanted to possess the greatest Spell Book ever written.  This Spell Book was called The Spell Book of Ho-An.  The greatest Human Wizard of those times and the reason for Storvath's jealousy, was Shalconi Sorbinon.  His spells and incantations where not only the greatest ever conceived, but brought light and understanding to many on the planet of Golantro.  Once the Golantro Wars broke out and Shalconi learned that Strovath wanted the Spell Book, Shalconi decided he would have  to destroy it to bring peace and to stop Storvath's forces.  Shalconi went to his younger left-handed, non-magical brother Ho-An and asked to destroy the Spell book.  Ho-An was a Level 7 Elfin Scribe Master, fluent in The Official Elfin Language of Golantro called Mandalic Elfineese.  He had spent his life crafting the book for Shalconi, writing all of Shalconi's spells and discoveries into the book.  He had done this to honour his brother Shalconi and to use it as a guide to magic for future generations.  Ho-An was reluctant at first, but his son was then killed as Stovathian forces entered his home and tried to take the Spell Book.  Grief stricken at the loss of his son, he agreed to destroy the Spell Book.  Shalconi tried everything he could to destroy the book but found that the Spell Book over time had become, in it's own right, a powerful magical entity and could not be destroyed.  He then, hid the Spell Book of Ho-An with his brother's help and ended the war with his Wizard Warrior Sar'Jeek'Mun, (apprentices) by killing Storvath and his followers.   The planet however, was left in ruins. 

Dangerous incantations and spell traps still swirled out of control devastating everything in their path.  Shalconi had to do something and in a strange meeting one night with a hooded figure who seemed to appear out of nowhere, an idea formed in Shalconi's mind.  He worked hard night and day combining magic and quantum energy to find the Cha'Nook-Tra (the way across).  This Cha'Nook-Tra was a magical gateway that led to other dimensions.  Shalconi was looking for other worlds to place the now homeless population of Golantro.  Instead of finding other worlds though, the Cha'Nook-Tra had led him to the space between dimensions.  In this space he found the exact same planet of Golantro but instead of the many species, there was just one.  This version of Golantro belonged to a race of developing humans with no knowledge of their magical ability.  They called their planet Earth.  With nowhere else to go, Shalconi ordered the first great exodus.  Every species of Golantro from Giant to Fairy, to Medusian to Goblin came through the Cha'Nook-Tra and settled on Earth.  Shalconi re-named Earth as Nosphamieos, the Realm of Humans.

Peace did not last long as Storvathian followers who had cowardly ran away in Golantro, had made it through the Cha'Noo-Tra and wanted to conquer Earth.  They started to teach their right-handed, developing Human counterparts how to use magic.  There was an uprising by the New Storvathian Brigade as they called themselves which was quickly squashed by Shalconi and his Sar'Jeek'Mun.  Humans on Earth were deemed too dangerous since they weren't developed enough to understand the consequences of using their magic.  Shalconi went back to work trying to find more Cha'Nook-Tra's to other worlds.  He was successful in finding another five planets that were identical to Golantro except these versions of Golantro had no indigenous life on them, with the exception of a few exotic lower forms of life.  And so the 2nd exodus was upon the many species of Golantro, who left after only being on Nospamieos (Earth) for 98 years. 

Shalconi dispersed each species throughout the other 5 planets or Realms as they had become known.  He left the Elfin population on Golantro to hopefully "fix" Golantro since Elf's were intensely magical creatures with the knowledge and power to re-construct Golantro back to its former glory.  He essentially wanted to turn Golantro into a nature preserve, but it would take thousands of years for the Elf's to accomplish this.

The other issue he had to contend with was the fact that the network of Cha'Noo-Tra's on Earth couldn't be shut down.  They were linked to the other 5 Realm plus Golantro.  If they were shut down, the entire network would collapse cutting each Realm and everyone off from each other.  Shalconi then formed the United Species Council (U.S.C.) to discuss the fate of the Humans on Earth.  The USC agreed that keeping the Gateways open would be beneficial for trading between the Realms.  Some species thought it best to teach humans how to control their magic on Earth, but Shalconi knew that would be too dangerous.  In a late night meeting with the USC, a unanimous vote was reached to "lock" the gateways on Earth and let the knowledge of the Golantro visitors fade from human history.  There maybe legends or rumours of strange beasts and Giants in Human history, but in time, Shalconi knew the gateways would fade from memory.  The ORDER OF SHALCONI was decreed and the Leprechauns of Vanti-Guard on the Noo'Ard App'Sorn Continent in Golantro were sought out.  They were asked to "push" the  gateways on Nosphamieos (Earth) forwards in time by just a few seconds as they had the power to more forwards and backwards in time;  just enough to phase them out of the space/time continuum.  All 56 gateways were successfully "pushed" and so the gateways were locked.  That was 7,000 years ago.

There was one more problem Shalconi faced, one that was so secret, if anyone knew, they could attain ultimate power.  He was told this during his secret meeting with the hooded figure.  The Gateways to Nospahmieos would one day be opened and a new type of force would take over all 7 Realms.  He was sworn to secrecy, never to tell anyone, but he was given a special medallion.  This medallion would help identify 6 elements that would form a Guild.  This Guild would one day bring balance to the 7 Realms of Shalconi and defeat those who would try and take over all 7 Realms.  The medallion was to be passed down from generation to generation over thousands of years in the hopes of finding one day, the person to lead the Guild....... The Guild of Golantro.


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